Who We Are -- We Are Scale 365

We are business leaders, venture capitalists, marketing gurus, academics, tech programmers, software developers and branding experts who've had a multitude of startup success or have led established businesses and been C-Suite executives at Ford, AIG, Oracle, Google, USC, Python, Bear Stearns, Goldman Sachs, just to name a few.

A collective mix of driven folks who want to be transformative, rather than informative, and help the next generation of companies achieve fast growth.

Co-founders Frank Vega (ex-Arthur Andersen), LF Vargas (ex-Bear Stearns), and Randall Stephenson (ex-USC and American Business University) are educators, advisors, venture capitalists, serial entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 board members, and small business leaders who have built, scaled, merged and sold companies to the tune of $22.87 billion during their collective careers.

Their mission was to finance and build a platform, a community, a transformative tool, and a portal where like-minded CEO',s entrepreneurs, consultants, Board Advisors could cooperate, encourage, empower, support and help one another.

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